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Attention to Unifi customer


Dear NEW Unifi Customer,


Please be advised that your Unifi web hosting service need to be process by Unifi department via Unifi system before referring with web hosting /Netmyne department. Thus, please communicate with Unifi department by e-mailing to them at or call 1 300 88 1221 & to speak with their customer service representative. Please note that the registration requirement are remain as below:-


1. Certificate number Companies Commission of Malaysia or support document/letter for organisation interested with .my domain*


2. New & available domain (as per confirm with Unifi customer service representative)


3. Transfer existing domain to be registered under Unifi web hosting service is PROHIBITED


*Unifi account with company details & valid Certificate number CCM/support document/letter for organisation entiltled for the following set of domain .com / / .net / .org /

*Unifi account with personal details (example: Mr. Ali bin Abu) only entiltled for the following set of domain .com / .net / .org

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