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New Working Hour during Ramadhan Period


Working hours during Ramadhan & delay during Aidilfitri(Hari Raya)

In conjunction with the month of Ramadhan & to honor our Muslim staffs. Our working hours has been changed from 8.00-5.30pm to 8.00-4.30pm. Thus, any enquiries/issue submitted after our working hours will be attend on the next working hour/day. Followed by this matter, during Aidilfitri(Hari Raya) celebration week. We will be having less amount of staffs working (both helpdesk &ops), please expect delay on solving your issue & enquiries. Other than that, our staff will also be off on 2nd day of Hari Raya (Monday) & replacement day for 1st Hari Raya (Tuesday). TQ

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