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Service Degradation (1/6/2012 - TBA)


To all Webhosting and Mail Exchange users who are using Streamyx/Unifi,

We received a lot of complaint regarding a service degradation to our mail system starting in (1/6/2012 - Current date), mainly hosted in our mail server at;

Please provide us a traceroute : ping plotter result screenshot (or more) through our ticketing system so that we can identify the root cause of the service degradation.

Ping Plotter software (For Windows) is available at theird web address at,


Update on 15/6/2012

We have found that the issue occurs outside of our server network which located within Streamyx and Unifi network, and our external network team have re-route the network. To all customers who have created a ticket with us regarding slow connection / download / upload, kindly double check from your side whether the issue persisted. We will monitor this case until next week to ensure the stability of the new route won't disrupt our customer's experience with our services.


Thank you for your patience and kind cooperation.

Yours Sincerely

TM Webhosting Support Team



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