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Web Hosting

1. What is a Web Hosting service?
Webhosting services allow individuals or organizations to have an Internet presence, often through having their own websites with their own Internet addresses (eg:

2. What re TM responsibilities related to domain and custom email services?
TM responsibilities:
Provide hosting facilities (web hosting Platform)
Provide email services with personalized domain.
Provide support on technical matters.

Customer’s responsibilities:
Access to the control panel.
Customize and modify own web page.
Manage account via control panel for hosting email services.

3. What are the main features of a Web Hosting service?
A basic Web Hosting service should have the following:
• Internet address - domain name (
• Server storage
• POP mail - company e-mail
• Autoresponder mail - auto-reply e-mail
• FTP account - for website maintenance

4. What is Control Panel?
The Conttrol Panel provides an interface for you to manage your accounts. It is an interactive web-based Self-Care Account Management System Which can be accessed through your web browser. Control Panel URL is In Control Panel, you can make changes to your accounts (eg: change password, write auto responder text, etc). The User Guide is also available at

5. I did not specify my e-mail username during registration. Can I specify it later?
Yes, you can do it online. Just go to the Customer Login page and login into the Control Panel. Inside the Control Panel, you can specify your e-mail username and password.

6. What should I do if I forget my password?
First, please refer to Webhosting notification email. Webhosting notification email containing username and password usually will be sent to the administrative contact email when the registration is complete. If that does not work, you can contact our support team for assistance. Please create ticket at

7. How would the POP e-mail address provided by Web Hosting appear?
The POP e-mail address provided by Web Hosting is in the form of, not as some may have assumed.

8. How many times can I send files to your server?
You can send as many files and as many times as you like as long as the files do not exceed the storage limit.

9. Is my content secure?
Yes. In most cases, security problems occur due to bad password management. Never reveal your password unless it is absolutely necessary. If you really have to do so, make sure you know to whom you give your password.

10. If I need more information on domain name, where I can find such information?
You can find it at or create ticket at for support.

11. If I need assistance for domain name, what should I do?
Please create ticket at . The expected reply is within 24 hours.

12. How do I create my own website?
Step 1: log in to;
Step 2: Click on Joomla! Application to help create your website. Alternatively you may create your own
website using other web creator software or you may engage a web designer to create your website.
Step 3: Once web is created, the web can be access through www.”yourdomainname”.com.

- eligible for SME Wang Package, Unifi and OIAB bundled package only.

13. How do I check the availability of domain name?
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Key in customer’s preferred domain
Step 3: Select domain extension
Step 4: Click “ Check Domain” button.

14. How to choose the suitable domain name?
Domain name usually reflect your company name. If your company is TM SME SDN BHD, then you might want
to select or as your domain name. Domain name may also reflect your business. If
you are running a grocery shop, you may opt for or

15. Can I change my domain name after registration?



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