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13/12/2011 - Network Issue


Dear beloved customers,


Network issue was detected on our network starting from 3PM until 5.30PM today. Therefor, there's a huge possibility that it will affect our / yours webhosting during that time. We will monitor this issue from time to time and will inform you if the issue still persisted through this knowledgebase, Thank you.


Update 6.51PM 13/12/2011

Dear all,

Every domain under (webserver14) are experiencing DDOS attack. Therefore our network security team has taken action to sinkhole that IP until further notice. Customer may face major disruption but be sure we are trying to solve these issues as quickest.  

Update 11.39AM 14/12/2011

Be advised that during last hours of the attack, it will affect all network related issues such as Slow Browsing on our Hosting and Send/Receive mail on the customer's hosted email Exchange/QMail Users. 

Update 3.21PM 19/12/2011

Be advised that the issue has been resolved, Thank you.

Thanks & Regards,


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