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FAQ To all TM Webhosting Customers.


1. What are the server details that we hosted on?


Answer :

These are the server details that we used to host our Streamyx OIAB, Windows Wang and Unifi's customers.

Webserver : Shared IIS 8.5 Hosting

SQL Server : MySQL 5

Bandwidth : Unlimited Bandwidth (Best effort basis)

Disk Space : 10GB

Email Account Disk Space : 1GB for each account by default.

Coding Language Supported : PHP5.3.28 (Now 5.6.14)/

Internet Connection Speed : Up to 155Mbps (Shared) as in 15MBps.

All Email Addresses are allowed to send up to 10 e-mail addresses at one time, exception given to mailinglist, to honor shared hosting fair usage between users.


2. What if we forgot our username?


Answer :

Please check on your mailbox where you received our very first notification mails, else please create a ticket for us to investigate and reissued the username/password to you.


3. Do you have coding support?


Answer :

We do! But it's on best effort basis. Meaning, to even code your website, it requires you to code it yourself or look for Web Designers and Coders out there beforehand. If there's any issue on our side however, feel free to create a ticket for us to investigate the matter.


4. I have created a ticket! Now what should i do?


Answer :

Your ticket will automatically be in our pool, and if there's no reply yet, it's due to the fact that we're investigating the issue and we will reply to the ticket once solution has been applied or is there a need for us to inform the issue.

5. We are having e-mail issues! How can you help?

Answer :

Email issues are very tricky to tackle. With the advance of technology, to analyze it further we would require further information from the end user which you can refer at

Since all the webhosting we provided here are on a shared hosting platform, these e-mail issues and processes will be handled on best effort basis. TM will not be liable for any loss of information(s) and loss of critical data. If your e-mail usage are heavy and require strict delivery, it is best to subscribe to our Office 365 package, and you may contact our register team at for more information!


6. Help! I think my website doesn't work on your hosting!


Answer :

Be sure to check whether such coding was made for Linux hosting or the coding syntax is in the correct format and remember, we are using IIS Webserver so certain codes that might work in Linux Hosting might not work on our webserver. Also, please check on the search engine (preferably Google) for such issue before creating a ticket for us! This will save up our and your time as once we checked that there's no issue on our side, it's most probably there's an issue with the coding of your website!


7. Do you have any Site Builder for me to create a website?


Answer :

For now, we don't have the support for such features on our hosting, be advised.


8. How do we start creating a website? What tools that we might need?


Answer :

A. Get yourself a code editor like (Adobe Dreamweaver/Adobe Flash(For creating Flash Website/Movie)/Notepad++/Microsoft Frontpage) from the local vendors, as we don't provide such products as we are totally focused on handling server side issues.


B. Look up for website template / design on any popular search engine out there, and do the changes as needed manually by using any coding editors (Refer point A.)


C. Check the coding! Is it compatible with IIS Webserver? All required details are there in your control panel or the software/script vendor's website, look for it first ! else, feel free to ask us for guidance via our ticketing system.


D. Publish such websites/codes under wwwroot and you're done!


9. My email seems not getting through / unable to receive email from certain domain / website.


Answer :

Please ensure that both of the party have set a whitelist on their email hosting control panel, and already reconfigured the email client just in case if the password gets corrupted (Such case does exist). Else, feel free to open up a ticket for us to investigate the issue. 


10. Where are the userguides? I seem to lost the link to the page!


Answer :

You may check our userguide as reference at 


11. I didn't get my website details yet after registering! How can i get such details?


Answer :

Please provide us these 3 important details for us to investigate via our ticketing system.

a. Domain Name

b. Streamyx Account Number / Order No (For Unifi) :

c. The username of your Streamyx / Unifi account


Remember, as registration for will take a minimum of 3 days, as we need to check your company information before registering the domain, and full registration should be done minimum 14 days after Streamyx/Unifi registration. 


12. You don't have A / B features! When will you implement it?


Answer :

Such features will need to weigh down first and if there's a large request to implement the feature(s), we will add it up to our hosting.


13. Will we be able to change our DNS for our domain ?


Answer :

Unfortunately, You won't be able to do so, unless your minimum subscription period on your Streamyx Office in a Box/Unifi contract expires.


14. I require Linux Hosting! Do you provide any?


Answer :

Unfortunately, we don't have the Linux Hosting implemented on our service yet, as we need to weigh down the issue of having such operating system (It's open source, so the coding of the OS was made available to the public which may induce security tampering on our server). 


15. When are you going to implement mod_rewrite?


Answer :

We are still in the process in applying it to our server, and will be informed whenever it's ready. If you can't wait however, you can always write and send your suggestions at (Compressed link)


16. When are you going to implement subdomain hosting?

Answer :

Be advised that we do not provide subdomain as of yet on our hosting packages, and as per usual, please direct your complaint / suggestions to (Compressed link) Subdomains plus with other features are only available for paid web hosting subscription customers, Thank you.


17. Can we change the DNS that was setup in our hosting?

Answer :

Your webhosting package that came together with your Unifi / Streamyx is free, so we restrict any of the domain pointing to different DNS. Reason being, it was tied with your Unifi / Streamyx account and it will breach the business conduct rules that was set up for the package and will complicate the billing procedure (since it came together with the unifi / streamyx  instead of a stand alone).

18. Can we use e-mail scripts on our website? How?

Answer :

All e-mail scripts must use SMTP Authentication method. PHP scripts that does not have any valid e-mail address so naturally it will be blocked on our firewalls. This is to avoid spams coming out from our server due to our vulnerability prevention solution.

- Customer may use their e-mail services provided on their hosting to create an account to be used by their scripts.

- We shall not entertain any script request as all data on customer side are treated strictly private and confidential.

These two points applies to whether you want to create a registration form, or any e-mail related scripts to be run from your hosting.

An excessive use of e-mail blasting shall be filtered to ensure stability on our mail servers as per fair user policy.

19. How to create a subdomain?

Answer :

Unfortunately subdomain creation is not possible at the moment; Unless you want to create a Subdomain DNS record pointing to a different IP (pointing to a folder not within your subscriptions) = different ip, then that is possible.


All of the above are listed down as the most questions that customers asked to us, and it's subject to changeability in the future. Thank you.


TM Webhosting Team

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