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1/11/2011 - Mail Server Issue


Dear Valued Customers,

We wish to inform that we are currently investigating on our server whereas some or certain customers will be unable to Send/Receive emails. We will update back to you once restoration/investigation has been made. Thank you.

Update : 16.00 PM

We have done all the necessary troubleshooting at our entry level and collected all related info. Please be advised that we have escalated the issue for further troubleshooting and will update back on this announcement as soon we received any update and this issue has been noted Critical, which will resolve in 24 hours time, Thank you.

TM Webhosting Team.

Update 1, November, 2011 7:51:33 PM GMT+08:00

Dear Customers,

The issue that was pertaining on our server side has been resolved, please check. We will auto resolve any mail related tickets tomorrow at 12PM 2/11/2011. Do not hesitate to open up a ticket for us to mark down which domain still affected after restoration has been made. Thank you for your patience.


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