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[Mail 3] Unable to send / receive emails


Dear Customers,

We are trying our very best to restore back mail service for customers due to spam attacks that was caused from another tenant in the mailserver. 

Recovery is expected to be delayed for Backscatterer and SORBS as their policy requires 2-4 weeks to release from their blacklist.

As of 23/9/2019 5.00PM

We have identified 5 domains that are sending spams from the and we are taking action against them.

As of 7/10/2019 - 10/10/2019 3.45PM

We have identified 5 more domains distributing SPAM through the mailserver due to hacked accounts. Their domains has been stopped to allow legal users to send e-mail as soon as possible.

Due to this, the server is again to be listed in the RBL blacklist. We have requested delisting soon after we have done the necessary cleanups. 


As of 14/10/2019 9.34PM

We have blocked 13 more infringing domains. These domains has been identified manually because some of the spammer is using a false username at the front, so we had to filter them by going deeper and that's where we found the infringing domain that spammed the server.

In regards to this, we highly recommend for all of our email users to follow this procedure provided by Microsoft as reference to enforce security.

As of 25/10/2019 4.31PM

We have blocked a total of 25 domains in an effort to bring back the email server up and running. And due to this, we kept getting into RBL after getting a delisting for both mail2 and mail3.

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