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Mailservers getting blacklisted on 3rd Party RBL


Dear Customers,

It has come to our attention that some of our mailservers are getting blacklisted by the outside DNSRBL.

Affected servers:

We have requested on de-listing on all RBL platform and since they do not have any service level agreement with us, all requests are subject to their best effort basis. This includes the blacklist on Microsoft and email servers as well.

We will update here ASAP once we received any response from the Blacklist sites.

Update 18/3/2019 5.01PM

Microsoft has started to mitigate the IP for their and email services. However the e-mail will be released in stages.


Update 20/3/2019 9.45 a.m :

Further attacks of SPAM coming from outside of our network on mail1 and mail3 mailservers earlier today. Mitigation has been made from our side to thwart their attempt.

Please re-send back the e-mails that are already sent in case there's a chance that the e-mails are not delivered to the recipients.

Update 21/3/2019 9.00AM :

Congestion detected on mail1 mailserver. We have removed the spam that's clogging th queue and blocked the IP.

Message 206349 slotted for deletion.
Message 206316 slotted for deletion.
Message 151789 slotted for deletion.
Message 157037 slotted for deletion.
Deleted 12532 messages from queue

IP that has been blocked :-

Subject Used in the spam mail :-

To. Beneficiary.

Attention: Winner/beneficiary

Thanks and Regards,

TM Webhosting

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