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[Announcement] Email Issues 9|10 November 2016


Dear Customers,

We (TM Webhosting Team) do notice there's an issue where email sending out, receiving is not working plus unable to access your webmail service since last night. While some has been fixed, it seems there's more to it. We are currently doing our best to solve all the issue ASAP. We do notice however, some emails that are coming from outside are still being received by your respective email servers, so the issue here lies on the connectivity of our provided internal webmail and your email client to our mail servers.

Kindly do your own test from time to time, and it will be great if you could update your respective ticket you had created if the problem indeed solved. Our support team in the mean time will do their best to call you out to reconfirm whether the issue has been solved once the root cause has been found and eliminated.

Thanks and Regards,

TM Webhosting

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